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    Post by un4giv3n-lee on Wed Nov 19 2008, 12:09

    Nhlaka grew up in Johannesburg He went to law school in London . After his studies he decided to go back to Johannesburg , because he could be a big man here . There he opened his new law office.
    The first day, he saw a man coming up to his office and decided to make a big impression.
    As the man came to the door, Bongani pretended to be on the phone and motioned the man to take a seat.

    Nhlaka said into the phone: "No. Absolutely no. You tell those clowns in New York that am not travelling all the way that side to settle the case for less than a million bucks."
    "Yes. The Appeals Court has agreed to hear the case next week."
    "I'll be handling the primary argument and the other members of my team will provide support."
    "Okay. Give the State Prosecutor my regards and ..."

    The visitor sat patiently as Bongani rattled instructions.

    Finally, Nhlaka put down the telephone and said: "I'm sorry for the delay, but as you can see, I'm very busy. What can I do for you?"
    The man said: "I'm from Telkom .. I've come to connect your phone."

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    Post by x_o_-_absa_-_o_x on Sat Nov 22 2008, 13:35

    l0l tz a funny one hey

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