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    writting in the spirit


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    writting in the spirit Empty writting in the spirit

    Post by riley_.freeman on Fri Feb 27 2009, 16:11

    Look at the words written if you will,
    The speech of mankind on paper and twill.
    Representation is to identify who cries,
    For those who bare witness or those who have ties.

    We all have our pain and some have their sorrow,
    Others go through life like there is no tomarrow.
    What starts from the beginning will come to the end,
    Will it become an origianl or fade as a trend?

    From the Author's reality your subcomed to a dream,
    You will laugh or will cry from the visions of theme.
    But in the end it is all about the Preacher,
    And thanks to the Lord for being the teacher.

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