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    Rules - please read

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    Rules - please read Empty Rules - please read

    Post by chrome on Tue Oct 14 2008, 16:04

    Hello, and Welcome to Un4given

    I am the Site/Board Admin. If you are a registered member I take it you have read and understood the Forum Rules and Terms of Use while registering.

    By registering on this forum, you agree to adhere to the following rules:

    1. This is a forum, not a chatroom - Monosyllabic replies such as "yes bro," "thanks," "you're right," etc. and smileys will be deleted.

    2. English is the primary and only language accepted on posts and topics. No other language will be accepted

    3. Single account only - Only one account per person is permitted.

    4. All UN4GIVEN members are encouraged to register by their un4given ids. Like "member" or "un4given_member".

    5. Disrespect towards Moderators and Administrators will result in immediate banning.

    6. Refrain from using any vulgar language that would offend someone else. Personal comments targeting individual users will be deleted. Inappropriate words will be edited.

    7. No advertising of personal websites
    whether on Private Messaging, mig33 username field or on Signatures

    8. No discrimination in any possible way, whether by Race, Gender, Status or by Culture. We won't tolerate that kind of immaturity

    9. Post in correct section.

    10. No abusive language on Posts, Username or on Signatures etc. as this Forum is made for family use. Such words will be edited by the Forum Moderators and action will be taken against such member

    11. No double posting, if you made an error on your post or you want to apply changes, please use the 'edit' button thus you are advised to 'preview' your post before submitting it. No repeating of the same post in other sections to gain more posts

    12. Always use the SEARCH button before opening a topic or asking a question as it might be already posted in the forum. Such topics will be locked or deleted.

    13. No advertising of personal website, Do not post a link to your site, link to your business, or contact information. Don't use the forum to promote your websites. Links to similar websites are not allowed in the signature. PM spamming will get you banned without warning.

    14. Contents related to sales or selling of any product without the administrator's consent will be deleted. Using the forum to earn points from other sites will result to immediate banning.

    15. Keep signature image size low to make our site loads faster.

    - Avatar dimensions:
    Maximum allowed size for avatars is 110x110 pixels.

    - Signature dimensions:
    Maximum allowed image size for signatures is 500x140 pixels. Large image size may make the page to load slowly. Only one image is allowed.

    16. If any old member breaks a rule, NO leniency will be shown. Older members are expected to act as role models for new comers, and hence expected to follow all forum rules.

    17. The forum staff assumes nor takes no responsibility for the content you download here should you encounter some problems during or after the download. You freely download stuff here at own risk

    18. No direct download links all must be coded. Failure to do so may result to a warning being issued to the poster.

    19. Always try to be active because inactive members may get deleted after a certain period

    Hope you all will follow the rules and make his forum a great one.

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    Rules - please read Empty Re: Rules - please read

    Post by madi-miyaru on Thu Oct 23 2008, 15:45

    admin i will follow the rules of this forum lol!

    Rules - please read F_2j1n10
    Rules - please read Aaaaaaaaaanl0
    Forum Admin
    Forum Admin

    Number of posts : 19
    mig33 username : un4given-chrome
    Registration date : 2008-10-07

    Rules - please read Empty Re: Rules - please read

    Post by chrome on Mon Oct 27 2008, 14:38

    Rules updated, please re read and try to abide to them

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    Rules - please read Empty Re: Rules - please read

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