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    Info About Mig33 credits


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    Info About Mig33 credits

    Post by desert-_-sniper on Tue Oct 28 2008, 09:20

    Guys i have been hearing few fake newses and talks about mig33 credits and some guys dosent even have a clue wats going to happen to thse credits or wat so ever...some guys misunderstood and they wer sayn tht mig33 is removing credits option  :? its not true....anyhow here is the info about mig33 credits...hope u guys can understand it and get it clear that mig is not removing credit option....coz its the onli thing mig33 cares about :wink:

    UUpdate: Change to Terms and Conditions - Credit Expiry

    Currently, unused credits in inactive accounts expire after 30 days.
    From 30 October 2008 GMT, unused credits over 90 days old, will expire. New credits purchased will expire only if they are unused after 90 days. As you use or trade credits, the oldest credits will be used first. This applies to both free and paid credits.

    For example - On 31 July you have a balance of $3 and use $1 in August. Next purchase of $5 is done 30 September. At 30 October (90 days later), your balance is the $5 you purchased in September. The remaining $2 from August is expired.

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on contact@mig33.com

    For active merchants and partners only, we will work to ensure this will not affect your business and sales. To make sure that your accounts are exempted, please email merchant@mig33.com to discuss more.

    For the updated Terms and Conditions, see website www.mig33.com/termsconditions

    Please email contact@mig33.com, with further questions.



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