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    Admin vampazz say


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    Admin vampazz say

    Post by desert-_-sniper on Tue Oct 28 2008, 09:22

    vampzz wrote:Letme clear out wht exactly happened...

    i am using my admin number since 3 or 4 years n its my oldest number and many old users know it. i was using that number before an adminship and it was my 1st number ever. After becumin an admin i never gave it to anyone but some Somehow that hacker got my admin number....he simply changed the owner of the sim/number to himself...which is serious crime. today i went to the head office of mobile operator but unluckily office was closed so i went to the franchise there i told the whole story they did check the records and told me that number is registered to name Rizwan Rahim and they r unable to trace the previous ownership so they recommended to visit the head office. Tommaorw i am gonan visit the main office. He committed a serious crime and will pay for that...

    moreover, One of admin was notified me that someone is trying to change the ownership of my admin number so the same day i talked with martin. Martin assured me that ownership of number cant be change like this but it happeend now...Everything can happen here in Pakistan...adi was also telling me the same story and faced the same problem...How much corruption we have in our country that someone without any authority changed the ownership, blocked my sim and re issue the new sim with same number...and no one cares it!but fight not overs here....i will get that number n he gonna pay for this at all cost...

    those users who got kick by dat mad kiking of hacker kindly email their ids at frozen.fyre@gmail.com i will notify to the staff abt those id




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