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    egyptian administrator westlife0007 is sharing his ID


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    egyptian administrator westlife0007 is sharing his ID

    Post by desert-_-sniper on Tue Oct 28 2008, 09:23

    i ask u please to translate this snapshots for admin westlife0007
    in the following snap u can see:-

    snap H:- 1-the same snapG, but watch the reaction of admin fanta.fofo>>> Neutral (straight face)

    snap I:- 1-user "tiger_9941" says "ana ml72tsh aft7 el id da :d" translated "i did not get the chance to open (use) that id (admin id) :d"                        2-user "banota_sha7tofa" asked him if he can kick her and he replys "westlife007: "Ma blash ya bn0ta:d" translated "don't make me do it banota Very Happy (with irony expression)

    snap J:- 1-user "banota_sha7tofa": توء then موس بلاس ,she joking with him saying "no,do it:P"                                   2-westlife000 omda jokes with her too "to2 fe 3enk" translated (expression for joking"                                               3-"fanta.fofo" says "30mda 3la nafso mesh 3alena:p" translated "omda,(expression)heheh we are not afraid,he is omda for himself" (omda in egypt means person in job like governor ,but thats just id he not name in mig33,hi is not governer in real) she was kidding with him               *i want refer that she was talking with him as omda not admin westlife0007 himself,but to the friend of admin osama (westlife0007) ,please note that fanta.fofo is an admin too and she called him omda                 4-user tiger_9941 >>

    snap K:- 1-user tiger_9941 says "kykh0m ya 3m:D" translated "omda,kick them all:d"                             2-user black_heart89 says "0ps....." expression he shoucked and afraid from what tiger_9941 said (reaction)                         3-westlife0007 replys for fanta.fofo "30mda 3aleky ya rere" he was joking with her fanta.fofo real name is reham he called her rere like sweety (iodine)

    snap L:- the reaction of fanta.fofo>>Neutral another straight face , cause as we knew from the first two snaps about omda that he is slanging people always

    in the following snaps we see omda kick without reason just after he finished the chat and he would give the id back osama westlife0007, he makes some of kicking for many users
    sasa_07 is friend of osma westlife0007 as we saw in the first two snaps,but here that mean it wasn't westlife0007 the admin himself,but he was omda his friend

    another user "r5ma-be-mzagy" has been kicked by omda,she is kind girl,but mr.slanger omda here has the power,so she got kicked out after sasa_07 without reason.. why???

    we see westlife0007 has lef ,user mr_______incredible just has entered
    next snap we will see  1-user the.virus.0100 says "بالسلامة" expression means he is happy that omda (westlife0007) has left                   2-user "lover_pharos" says "دخل" means omda (westlife0007) has became again (he has entered again) so user "the.virus.0100 "has left (escaped from omda) because he know he would get kicked                   3-user am0o0or-._alex_.-ana has been kicked               3-user mr_______incredible who just has entered says "يا استاذ ويست" translated "hey! mr west"  then he got kicked why?? because omda enjoy with his friend admin id ???!!!!! is that fair??

    and we see user "lover_pharos" says "وب سلم" translated "welcome back eslam" eslam=omda=friend of admin osama westlife0007
    user "s-7anakaa-s1" has been kicked too ,it seems omda was enjoing with using westlife0007 admin id

    again, my friends have snaps that west share his id with his friends (omda,kaly)

    here westlife0007 says "حد عاوز يطير :d" translated "anyone want to fly" meaning "anyone want get kicked?:d"  and the person who was talking was his friend kaly

    here u can see westlife0007 says "الى ها يشتم هخلى كالى يطرده:p" translated "anybody slange i will tell kaly to kick him" that mean kaly=كالى was using the id,and omda too,and u can see some users ask is that west the admin or not,they were asking about the id color>>"not orang" >>"3ndy orang" translated "here its orang"

    in the following snap another proof that omda is friend of admin osama=westlife0007 and he meet him and uses his admin id
    o0_omda-_-egy_ = omda says "Razz عمرو انا طيرتك ب نك اسامة هاهاهاها" translated "amr,i kicked u by osama's admin id hahahaha:P" and that means omda used osma admin westlife0007 id


    _so there we saw three snaps show the relationship between omda and wistlife0007
    _omda is slanger westlife0007 didn't kick or ban him
    _omda says that he used admin id and kicked amr
    _id westlife0007 says im omda,and we saw omda slang in the room

    now lets see westlife0007 flood


    here he says "bs ya kaly bdl mtyrk wrong"  translated "kaly,stop talking im afraid to kick u by wron"
    thats mean kaly is his friend,and also he may be use illegal software

    another snap he flood

    now please see the relationship between wistlife0007 and kaly (his friend like omda)

    in the following two snap we see 1-user mr-a7aa has entered   2-user mr-a7a saw westlife0007 there so he wanted to leave the room and he said brb=(be right back)
    3-guess who is l--1-2-3--l??!!! l--1-2-3--l=kaly the friend of admin westlife007   4-kaly=l--1-2-3--l says "shot a7a" means "shoot (kick) a7a=mr-a7aa" then as u see mr-a7aa got two kicked and banned
    5-westlife0007 askes his friend kaly to keep quite he afraid to kick him by wrong
    that means he ready to kick many times so the software made flood (he was usind pc)


    i have many many many snaps for kick by westlife0007 and fanta.fofo without reasons for innocent user ,just ask any one of them why u kick without reason or why that user has been kicked,then u get kicked too,and the admin say (don't interfer in my job)

    i wont post snaps  for many kick without reason,no one will believ,all will say admin never kick without reason


    but the last snaps i will post about one kick only,i entered the room with my friend id "cakra"  and i saw west there ,i told him that "<westlife0007 replys "ok" as u see he said ok,if he didn't slang me in pvt he would say i didn't slang u,but he said "ok" means ok i will kick u without slanging u in pvt
    and as u see user fokak_mne says "Cakra:D:X" im wellcoming in many rooms thanks good all know me well
    after he said "ok" i got kicked then the id not active ,actually i don't care about ids,i know he will kick me but i wanted to tell him don't slang in pvt with another ids like his id "osgogo2"

    egyptian user are weak,don't have much experience about mig33,they get kicked then they don't have any way to take thier rught so they get mad and slang,why? cause our fair egyptian admins want them stay like this,don't know where is help

    thank u all and here i post what egyptian user can't do caus many egyptian user don't know how to unban id or how to join forums,and i do my best to make the true come clear.his friends uses his mobile phone to show the same ip that id logged in =D>  =D> please =;

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