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    Build your own mig33


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    Build your own mig33 Empty Build your own mig33

    Post by desert-_-sniper on Tue Oct 28 2008, 16:45

    hmm..lets get started with building our own custom mig33 ..shall we..? Very Happy  if you think its difficult it will be difficult no matter how simple the code is. it is infact easy ...Very Happy..if you atleast have some knowledge about vb then you can do it...

    okaie..lets begin...



     you --->> can i come in ?

    mig33-->> who are you ? are u a mig33 user ?if so ... Prove it ...here is two pieces of metal , tell me which one is gold and which one is copper .if you can prove it you can come in or else no....
    1 =metal A
    2 =metal B

    you -->>take out a magnifying glass and examine ...metal B is Gold and metal A is copper ..!!hehe i am smart :wink:

    mig33-->> wow you are smart..!!! please come in  
    .......this is it ..this is how you login to the server..


    alrtie now , lets get the above transaction between you and the server into technical terms ..shall we ..? Laughing
    first of all..understand hex ..hehe ..most of you  must be wondering what the f*ck is hex..??

    Arrow Step 1.
    first of all copy and paste this in your module

    Public Function HextoAscii(inputstr As String) As String
    Dim spilter As Variant, i As Integer, finnal As String
    If InStr(1, inputstr, " ") <> 0 Then
    spilter = Split(inputstr, " ")
    For i = 0 To UBound(spilter)
    finnal = finnal & Chr(Val("&H" & spilter(i)))
    Next i
    HextoAscii = finnal
    ElseIf Len(inputstr) = 2 Then
    finnal = Chr(Val("&H" & inputstr))
    HextoAscii = finnal
    End If
    End Function

    Public Function Asciitohex(inputstr As String) As String
    On Error Resume Next
    Dim spilter As Variant, i As Integer, finnal As String
    For i = 1 To Len(inputstr)
    finnal = finnal & Hex(Asc(Mid(inputstr, i, 1))) & " "
    Next i
    Asciitohex = Mid(finnal, 1, Len(finnal) - 1)
    End Function

    okaie..now lets experiment with it ..

    lets take my name choman,  Evil or Very Mad  lets convert it to hex ..
    now create a command and paste this code

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    MsgBox Asciitohex("choman")
    End Sub
    you will get the result 63 68 6F 6D 61 6E it means choman = 63 68 6F 6D 61 6E in hex. 😉
    now lets convert   63 68 6F 6D 61 6E back to choman..damn..!!! i don't want my name to be bloody numbers Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes
    this is the code that will give my name back ..hurray!!!!!!!!
     Private Sub Command2_Click()
    MsgBox HextoAscii("63 68 6F 6D 61 6E")
    Debug.Print HextoAscii("63 68 6F 6D 61 6E")
    End Sub
    ....okaie..now this is very important converting hex to ascii & vice versa ..
    be 100% sure you know this ..if not go back to step 1  Exclamation


    hehe..i know this is the first question that poops up in mind..! okaie ..don't worry..you need to know about winsock control. Learn it yourself...it ain't difficult,  google   Exclamation
    ....hmmm how about taking a look at how to make a project look like for better understanding... Very Happy ..fasten your seatbelt ladies and gentle men for here i present you choman mig33  😉
    Build your own mig33 Mig33


    lets capture a tcp packet sent by the client (your nick) to the mig33 server ...i know you have looked at it a lot of times ..hoping to build a pc executable of mig33 but didn understand it and just gave up Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad ..
    don't worry take a deep breath and together lets look at the packets again .
    02 00 C8 00 01 00 00 00 4A 00 09 00 00 00 04 00
    00 00 01 00 08 00 00 00 04 6A 32 6D 65 00 07 00
    00 00 09 4A 32 4D 45 76 33 2E 30 32 00 05 00 00
    00 0A 6A 65 73 75 73 73 6D 69 6C 65 00 03 00 00
    00 02 01 2E 00 02 00 00 00 01 02 00 01 00 00 00
    02 00 01

    now does it seem familiar..i have already explained how to convert hex into ascii so, if you convert this to ascii you will get some thing like this
     È    J             j2me     J2MEv3.02   
    jesussmile    .         
    jesussmile is my username  Very Happy

    going back to the first packet ....lets understand what we need to change and omit the rest ,you don't need to understand it deeply ...tcp packet are like a women you will never understand them completely Exclamation hehe Very Happy

    there are just 3 things you need to understand from this packet
    Arrow take a look at the 9th byte 4A ..okay lets convert 4A into decimal its 74 how did i do it..? use your damn calculator Evil or Very Mad or do this (4*16+10 =74) .hence we get 74 ..............so what... Question ..it represent the no of byte from here till the end of the packet ..count from  4A till the end of the packet you will find it out to be  74  ..so, with username of different length this should also change Exclamation

    Arrow first of all let's find my username in the above packet ..remeber my username is jesussmile ..okay so, its 6A 65 73 75 73 73 6D 69 6C 65 ..hehe ..if you understood till here..then you are doing good..
    Very Happy if not get a gun and shoot yourself Evil or Very Mad  or read it again from the begining  Idea

    Arrow now look at the hex before my username its 0A ..incase you are wondering wtf is it? its the length of my username .the hex for 10 is 0A .. this is important , you have to mention the correct length of your username in hex or else your packet is of no use    ..


    okay now this is a barrier thats the most challenging ..yet it ain't difficult if you use your correct sense of mind.. Idea
    let's take a look at the packet sent by the server after we send our first packet i.e the login packet .
    02 00 C9 00 01 00 00 00 1D 00 02 00 00 00 08 30
    68 50 68 74 4A 38 73 00 01 00 00 00 09 4A 59 65 48 6E
    38 54 75 35

    lets change it to ascii so that we can understand ...damn..! i am geting headache..

     É        0hPhtJ8s      JYeHn8Tu5

    remember in my first example i told you the server show's two metal and question's you to prove which one is copper and which one is gold ..the second metal is always gold..
    for example
    0hPhtJ8s is the first metal its copper ..we don't need it
    JYeHn8Tu5 is the second metal ..its gold Razz this is what we need  Laughing

    now comes the part to take out the magnifying glass and check it..in this case the magnifying glass is our mig33 password ..
    lets say my password is donkey so we need to concatenate them together for example :JYeHn8Tu5donkey and get the last four bytes.. in this case it was F2 82 11 54 this is called the hash code.now i have to string it with 02 00 CA 00 02 00 00 00 0A 00 01 00 00 00 04 which makes it
    02 00 CA 00 02 00 00 00 0A 00 01 00 00 00 04  F2 82 11 54
    for the last part convert it to ascii and send it to the server ..
    don't understand..??? Shocked Shocked no need to understand ...Very Happy
    there are two ways of geting the hash code ..one converting the login response packet to decimal , then using some f*cked up code and converting back to hex and calling it ...lets omit this too..
    lets use a simple approach .dll ...okay Question , remember the guy who made migpro .luckily he has made a .dll for us which saves a lot of time in coding and overflow and it gives us the desired last four byte....
    incase you are wondering how to use dll file just copy it into   C:\Windows\system
    i have made a application that will give you the hash code in hex Very Happy the whole string required to login ..😉
    Build your own mig33 Hash

    i have developed an application ..it log's you in mig33 server and shows all the transaction taking place..i made it extremely easy to understand so, that you will know step by step what is going on ..and how you are logging into the server...


    this sample shows how you loginto the server and the interaction is in hex

    this sample shows the raw data exchange between you and the server and how you login



    hehe..damn..!!! it took longer to write this tutorial than to create a packet  Shocked  Shocked
    good luck all...

    Build your own mig33 2lswphc
    Build your own mig33 219zcl
    Build your own mig33 2la7hxx
    Build your own mig33 X42f4j
    Build your own mig33 2la7hxx
    Build your own mig33 219zcl
    Build your own mig33 2lswphc

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    Build your own mig33 Empty Re: Build your own mig33

    Post by un4giv3n-lee on Thu Oct 30 2008, 11:54

    Smile intereting
    Very Happy excited
    Neutral serious
    pale drowsy
    Sleep (no need to explain)
    sunny woke up
    scratch eh where were we?

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    Build your own mig33 Empty Re: Build your own mig33

    Post by x_o_-_absa_-_o_x on Sat Nov 22 2008, 13:53

    tnx for sharing, tc

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    Build your own mig33 Empty Re: Build your own mig33

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